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Shure PGDMK6 and DKM57-52 drum mic pack Overview

EM Technical Editor Gino Robair walks us through the features of two Shure mic collections intended for use on drums in the studio or onstage.
brian g : Yes,very good video. I have the Mic kit with the sm57's and I love it. The beta 52 is my favorite kick drum Mic ever.
Josehp Drums : uso estos actualmente!!! son geniales!
Ryan : So far I've been playing guitar, and now I want to take up bass, drums, piano, and keyboard. I've taken an audio engineering course in community college, and I want to take what I've learned, and apply them to recording instruments. 
Ben Gibson : I love that you do these. More, more! :)
Chris Shannon : Great review with Two reviews in one video!!! Proving the excellent quality of Shure Mics and accessories!!! Thanks!!

Shure PGDMK6 Drum Mic Set - Sound Demo/Review - 14 Year Old Drummer - Vincent Greeson

Gear Used in Video:
Focusrite Scarlett 18I20
Shure PGA 7 piece mic kit:
Shure Sm57:
Steinberg Cubase Pro 9:
Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Kit:
Sabian AAX Cymbals:

Hi, i'm Vincent Greeson, These Shure Pgdmk6 mics sound absolutely awesome in my opinion. for a set of drum mics under 500$ you can't go wrong with these Shure pgdmk6 drum mics I absolutely love them. I will be making YouTube videos daily now so Subscribe to see them!

If you like the video please Subscribe. Also please leave a comment, post on your Facebook page and rate the video. It HELPS A LOT. To see some of My other videos You can see a recent show I had with my Band here.
You can see my exit stage left drum solo here
You can see me play my own solo at a drum compitition here.
You can see my R30 drums solo here
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Drumming411 : Gear Used in Video:
Focusrite Scarlett 18I20
Shure PGA 7 piece mic kit:
Shure Sm57:
Steinberg Cubase Pro 9:
Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Kit:
Sabian AAX Cymbals:
Dark0mega Music : These mics and drums sound pretty awesome, thanks for the demo!
Arise UK : this is awesome man! the mics sound brilliant! would you consider doing a mixing tutorial, i love the tom and kick tone!
PaulDaSlowster : A couple of questions. Do you have a separate mic for your hi-hats? (which I strongly believe) And is it a Shure mic?
Chase Feagins : thanks for this video... I have a set of these mics in my ebay cart but wanted to make sure they sounded good before buying them. You have sold me on them. Nice playing too!

Shure PGDMK6 vs Sennseiser Evolution Drum Mics

Using Shure PGDMK6 and Sennheiser Evolution drum mics, we wanted to be able to hear direct comparisons. The Shure kit is marketed as a more affordable entry level product and it came with kick, 3 tom mics, 2 overheads, clamps and XLRs.. The Sennheiser series is their upper end product, more expensive.. with kick and 4 toms mics with clamps. So we aren't doing a level ground shootout or anything here. It's just to show the differences. Is it worth the money to upgrade? Can you hear a difference?
SnowdriftBoy : Wow! This just made my day! :-)
Agree that recording could have sounded better, but it's a useful video. PGs are good for what they are, but I've always felt there's a good musicality in Sennheiser's tom mics; the drums get to sing nicely. Surprised at how well the Evolution series on the snare worked. Am very fond of 441. Would be happy to work with both mic sets depending on the situation, but would prefer Sennheiser. The most 'subjective' choice in studio would be the kick I believe — depending on the sound one was aiming for. The only mics I'm generally not to fond of is the PG series on OH, but it was good that you kept them to compare close-mics like for like.
Nice video! Playing it again, just enjoying the drumming — good player and quite a bit of 'humour' in the phrasing (keeping pattern steady and breaking in unexpected ways, ritardando...) Fun, thanx! :-)
Vladimir Sadovnikov : Shure gives more body. Senheizer gives more attack and presence. Low-freq body for toms is important, too.
8RopesMusic : The Sennheiser's definitely pick up the attack and sustain of the toms much better and also more attack on the kick. I don't like the sound of either on the snare. I know it's a matter of taste but I think the snare is set up, tuned, and dampened way too flat to the point where you can't even tell it's a snare. All I hear is the batter. The kick could use some more body and depth.
MegaMystified : Great video too bad you didn't solo out the PG 81's so we could hear what they sounded like on their own with your mix set up.

John Pickering : The Sennheisers sound far better as you would expect. The PG series are priced well below the Sennheisers used here.

However, for the price these Sennheisers are VERY hard to beat. You would need to spend a LOT more money to hear any noticeable improvement.




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