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Our Experience With The W7152 Ingersoll Rand 1/2" Impact Wrench 1,500 ft-lbs Nut Busting

Take a look at the new Ingersoll Rand W7152 1/2" 20-volt Impact Wrench. This is similar to but larger than the W5132 and W5152 mid-torque impact wrenches. The W7152 delivers 1,500 foot-pounds of nut-busting torque and 1,000 foot-pounds of max
reverse torque. The W7152 is a compact 8.1" long from tip to tail and has a 360-degree shadowless task light to provide exceptional access and increased visibility in hard-to-reach spaces.

The Ingersoll Rand IQV power control system gives users the power they want and the control they need to complete jobs accurately and quickly.

The W7152 has four power and control settings. Each setting operates at maximum reverse torque, so users don't need to switch settings to remove a stubborn fastener.
The four power modes in forward control include:
- Max Power: The max power setting delivers up to 1,000 foot-pounds of max torque.
- Half Power: The half power setting tightens fasteners at up to 530 foot-pounds of torque for applications that don’t require maximum torque speeds.
- Wrench Tight: Instead of changing to a hand wrench, users can use the wrench tight setting to pre-tighten bolts at 35-110 foot-pounds of torque. In this setting, the tool automatically shuts off, so bolts are not over-torqued on parts such as lug nuts and suspension bolts.
- Hand Tight: The hand tight setting turns slowly, creating a snug fit to start a lug bolt to hold a wheel in place. The hand tight mode also secures parts such as hubcap cover bolts, splash shields, oil pans or timing covers. When the tool reaches the point of impact, it also shuts off to avoid over-torqued fasteners.
Joe Framer : Badass ! IR is Pro tool, designed to last a decade,not just until gen 4 comes out next year. ..great products, compressors,etc... awesome review, love the channel
Collin Wood : So what torque wrench are you using to get those numbers?? I tried using the Milwaukee one on one of my dump truck lugnuts. Did nothing at all. Not too much rust either. I had to use a 1.5 in drive giant air impact that you hold with two hands like your carrying a gatling gun.
Collin Wood : Those semi nuts would never come off that easy in real life.
nbmufc94 : Great review guys.

I only just bought a 1/2inch makita impact wrench last month and I thought that was a beast at 1400NM then I came across the milwaukee m18 fuel 1inch impact which has 2000NM and now this which has a mind-blowing 2000NM for just a 1/2 inch drive. Crazy stuff man. Sometimes I wish I researched things more before buying. Having said that I can only see the option to buy this impact wrench without a battery and charger and can not find a battery or charger anywhere? I am based in the UK.

You americans make some amazing tools.
Mike Kahotea : Awesome review boys , hey seem that the IR has problem with the battery runtime.. it might need a Flexivolt 12 amp lol . Maaan that IR is a must have , wish I had of known about that machine , I would have bought me one instead of the one key Milwaukee
Rob Shapiro : breakaway torque as written like nut busting is clearly and distinctly different from fastening torque. if both guns fasten 1000 ft lbs and only 100 breakaway torque they are essentially identical
MrMikebeben : Not taking anything away from the IR gun but to be fair use a comparable model like the Milwaukee 2767-20 high torque which is 1400lbs. You used the 1000 Milwaukee gun
Mark Inglis : guys, just a heads up, just becuase the battery pack has a larger capacity does not meen it has more power, infact 90% of the time, the opposite is true, the sony vtc4 is a 2.1ah cell (so in 2p would be a 4.2ah battery) and can discharge 30amps per cell (continuous so 60 amps in a 4.2ah pack), one of the very best 3ah cells, the sony vtc6 can only do 15-20 amps per cell (30-40 amps per battery) and 30 amps at 80 deg c
CENTROAMÉRICA SVR : omg yesterday I got the ingersoll W7152 I used it to take out two bolts of a 2006 toyota avalon and when I put pa behind the threads I pulled it out a lot and it broke a thread that maqui I love it is a complete machine I didn't realize that I had the maximum torque I LOVE INGERSOLL
takoda powers : the milwaukee wasnt in the 4th mode, you had it on the 3 mode that has less torque then the 4 mode

BOLTR: Air Hammer | Ingersoll Rand

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We have an inside look at the nasty bits of Ingersoll Rand air chisel.
It looks good from far, but it's far from good.
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This Old Tony : HEY NOW!
There is absolutely no shame in trying something new.
New Jargon : Cheaper to throw the condom on than to polish her the rite way
warlance yaz : Bought this .. lasted a week.. the anvil broke..
Joey Troutman : Man I've got one from 15 or more years ago still in box I got cheap. I never took it out because my first one still works great.
carshatter : almost like a 2 stroke or diesel with air compressor instead of fuel and spark
stephan4490 : Everything around you is designed to fail how else are they going to get you to come back and buy again?
Chris : Nice - precision wrench strike. This man has done some shit.
Tin Man : It's actually a dependable tool. My dentist gets average 6 months out of them.
SUBURBAN556 KUCING : AvE for President o sheit, no can do, he be Can-O-dian. One of dose dead fish eaters.
Derek Derexson : Us sheetmetal mechanics in aviation would toss it right in the trash. Air hammers are much different than a rivet gun. I do have a spare in the box a proper gun. Old beat to fack Chicago pneumatic CP4444. Stamped Northrop Property.

Ingersoll Rand IQ R3150 1/2" 20V Ratchet

http://www.toolsinaction.com checks out the Ingersoll Rand IQ R3150 1/2" 20V Ratchet

Watch our latest video: "Ridgid 18V LED Light Cannon, Panel Light, Flood Light and Tripod"
TuRBiNeSaNdK9s : What's the rpm in this thing, how about trigger to anvil length?
Forged Steel Wrench : IR over Milwaukee any time
BlindMansRevenge2002 : On the topic of Ingersoll Rand you guys have been very silent over the past year. What is going on with IR and their cordless tools. This video was published four years ago and I have not seen anything more recent then 2016 when they released their two brushless impact wrenches (5132 and 52). Could you please publish an update video.
Ed Durbin : This would go perfectly with my W7150...you guys won't need it, send it to me...#TIACrew
Bort Tort :
Dylan Elder : “Yes we do test the tools before we use them”. Hahahahahahahahah
Jorge Ardon : Compared with the snap on and milwaukee ratchets
Daniel Day : does the charger and battery come with the tool?
Tobin Satterwhite : is there any difference between the 3150 and the 3130 besides the size of the drive




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